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Edit Bet

Edit Bet”
“Edit Bet” feature gives an opportunity to make changes and/or additions and/or removals in already formed bet slip. It is possible to use the “Edit Bet” function in all the cases offered by the Organizer and is available for Single and Multiple bets. In case of a single bet, while adding another event(s) the bet becomes multiple, and vice versa, in case of including one event in a multiple bet as a result of editing, the best becomes single. Thus, the rules set by the current regulation cover Single or Multiple bets correspondingly. The function can also be applied for those active bet slips that include already finished events and ones that hasn't yet taken place and will include at least one unfulfilled event as a final result of editing. E.g. the Participant has an opportunity to change the multiple bet consisting of one finished and 2 unfinished events into a single bet consisting of one event or edit all the events included in the multiple or make an addition forming a multiple consisting of 4, 5 events.
«Edit Bet» function is available only for those participants who are offered the CashOut function for their active bet slips at the moment the Participant tries to use the feature.
In case of applying the mentioned function the amount offered via CashOut is set automatically as a bet amount in the edited bet slip.
A mandatory circumstance of using the “Edit Bet” feature is matching those odds of unfinished events on the edited bet slip to the odds offered for the given events by the Program at the moment of using the function, towards which the Participant does not intend to apply the defined edit.
While using the adding and editing tools during the function application until the confirmation of the edited bet slip, in case of changes in the odds of events chosen by the Participant or the funds offered by the CashOut function, it automatically offers the Participant to edit the bet slip according to the odds and CashOut amount for the given events. In case of using the removing tool, the feature automatically offers the Participant to edit the bet slip according to the CashOut amount at the given moment.
The participant can edit the bet in “My bets” section by clicking the “Edit bet” button on the upper right corner of the bet slip, and then choosing the bet(s) to be edited. All the unfinished events will appear in the edited bet slip giving an opportunity to substitute the event(s) in the edited bet slip. After making the change(s) the amount of the edited bet and the possible prize will be displayed on the lower left corner (if during that period the odds change, the offered odds for the chosen event will also be displayed). In order to confirm it will be necessary to click on “Save the changes” button.

Adding an event
In order to add an event in the Participant’s bet slip it is necessary to click on the “Add event” button on the bet slip. Then, the Participant will be transferred to the main page, and there will be a pop-up window inviting to download the available events on the website and add event(s). By choosing any new event it will show up on the lower part of the bet slip. The event will be included on the edited bet slip by choosing the “Add to the bet” button on the lower part of the edited bet slip. In order to confirm, it will be necessary to click on the “Save the changes” button.

Removing an event 
To remove an event from the bet slip the Participant should click on the “X” button on the right of the chosen event, after which the removed event will be removed from the bet slip. In order to confirm, it will be necessary to click on the “Save the changes” button.
Terms and conditions
Until the point of confirmation the function can be canceled by clicking on the “Cancel” button.
The function is not applicable for the bets placed via Free bet.
The general conditions referring to accepting and implementing bets defined by the current regulation apply for the given function conditions.
The edited bet will be available in “My bets” section.
Organizer bears no responsibility for the unavailability of the function caused by technical issues. In that case, the conditions of the initial bet slip will maintain.

NOTICE: In order to benefit from this feature, the bet stake must be greater than the minimum bet amount.