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Partial CashOut

Partial CashOut

Partial CashOut is offered taking into consideration the special features mentioned in the given point.

Partial CashOut allows the Participant to receive a part of the possible prize leaving the remaining part active, having an opportunity to have a guaranteed prize from the regardless of the final outcome of the bet slip.

The Participant can partially take any part of the CashOut funds, but not less than the minimum amount defined for Single and Multiple bets by the current regulation.

Compared to the simple CashOut, while making a Partial CashOut, the Participant’s bet slip remains active and is considered so until the end of the events incuded in it with the odds offered in the Program for the given events.

Partial CashOut is available in all cases when the Organizer offers CashOut. After placing a bet the Participant can see the CashOut button in the “History” section of the Organizer’s website, after pressing it, the Partial Cashout button also becomes available.

Partial CashOut is displayed as a button in the CashOut feature as a sub-function.

The Participant can see the whole fund flaws in the “History” section of their Personal gaming account.